Why Choose Casbrook Home Care?

Our approach, our carers, our commitment.

1. Our Approach

  • Free Care Plan

    Before we start our home care service, we will meet with the individual being helped and their friends or relatives (if applicable) to discuss your needs. This information is used to help form a care plan. Since your requirements can be changed, this can be modified at any time.

  • Free Risk Assessment

    Before we send anyone to your home, we will perform a free risk assessment, which is a careful examination of what in the home being visited could cause harm to the carer or the individual being helped.

    If we identify anything which could cause a problem, we will make appropriate recommendations and we will take suitable precautions to ensure that no one gets hurt.

  • 24-Hour On-Call Service

    We offer an on-call service. There is a number clients can ring at any time which will always be answered in person - we do not believe in talking to machines. This service is available if you have a problem during your help session but can also be called if you need to cancel or change a visit or if you have a general query. Whatever you needs, we are here to help!

  • Personalisation

    Casbrook Home Care focus on PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST no matter how big or small your care needs. We support your choice, flexibility and control on how your needs are being met.

2. Our Carers

Casbrook Home Care Carer Team Group Shot
  • Trained Staff

    Casbrook Home Care works with Precise Consultancy Training, a company which has supplied training to the care industry for many years. Precise Consultancy Training is City and Guilds Approved and we are therefore able to provide our care staff with training up to QCF standards.

    The aim is to give our care staff the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their role and to give you total piece of mind. We regularly review the performance of our staff to identify further training requirements.

  • Same Carer Scheme

    Wherever possible we will try to ensure that the same helper visits the same people unless advised otherwise. Although we cannot guarantee this due to sickness, absence or the working hours of our staff, we aim to encourage the same helpers to visit the same people to help establish good relationships and to allow the person being cared for to feel more relaxed. It's about making people feel comfortable in their own homes.

  • Employee Checks

    All of our employees are checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS - previously CRB). It is mandatory for our staff to have the enhanced checks, which includes a check against the POVA list (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) which is a list of care workers who have harmed vulnerable adults in their care. We also ask for at least two references.

3. Our Commitment & Responsibility

  • Insurance Cover

    At Casbrook we like to ensure that all customers have peace of mind. Therefore in the extremely unlikely event that any injury or damage is caused by our staff, all our employees are covered by employers and public liability insurance.

  • Affordable Care

    At Casbrook, we try to make our services as affordable as possible. Therefore, our pricing include travel to and from your home free of charge.